Welcoming a baby into its nursery is a wonderful experience. When you are fully equipped for accommodating the needs of the baby and the mother, then all your efforts for making it a beautiful place will be fruitful. Today I am going to let you know about two important things that need a place in your nursery.

baby room humidifiers

The baby room humidifiers are mostly deemed as unimportant and as a luxury by many new parents—the loud nonstop cries of the baby when they have nasal congestion. Babies panic with no clue of what is happening to them, and this frequently happens at midnights when the temperature is at its lowest. If you have a humidifier on hand, you can deal with such situations effectively.

The second one is breastfeeding chairs that provide a pleasant experience for the mother and the baby. These chairs help the new mother to rest her back comfortably while allowing the weight of the baby off the arms of her either fully or partially.

I am providing an in-detail list of advantages of having these two things in your nursery:

Baby Room Humidifier

Good baby room humidifiers can offer you the following benefits, and I will also discuss categories of humidifiers


  • Imparts moisture into the dry air, which is the leading cause of drying up the sensitive mucus lines areas of your baby. So, this leads to congestion, throat, and sinus related problems. The moisture produced by the humidifier helps soften the mucus and alleviates the problems.
  • Addresses baby’s dry skin-related issues as most of the skin issues are due to loss of moisture. Skin gets replenished, and irritation or dry, chapped skin regains its softness.
  • It produces white noise that resembles the inside womb sounds, which is comfortable for your baby. They will be struggling to adjust to the new environment, and the sudden loud noises startle them and wake them up. When the white noise from the humidifier is on, the impact of the other sounds is minimized, and they sleep peacefully for many hours.

Categorization Of Humidifiers

There are two categories of humidifiers

Warm mist: These humidifiers emit warm mist. They quickly loosen up the mucus build-up and keep the airways free. They also kill harmful germs and viruses, leaving the air clean for the baby.

Cool Mist: These humidifiers emit cool Mist. Cool or room-temperature mist. It is suitable for infants suffering from croup. It operates at a temperature that does not cause any harm to the baby if touched accidentally.

Breastfeeding Chair

Good breastfeeding chairs have the following advantages


  • Feeding your baby can be easy as the chair design establishes a comfortable position that is well-supported. Both the mom and child receive proper support and enables good bonding time as it keeps them at ease.
  • Works as a rocking chair, which can rock your baby to sleep using soothing motions. Often helps fussy babies to sleep well using this motion.
  • Helps baby to get accommodated to the nursery surroundings preparing them for their future stay. They do not find it difficult to adjust to the nursery when they have to sleep alone as they grow.
  • The sitting position and standing up from a sitting position is difficult for new mothers. The design of these chairs enables natural movements that have less impact on mothers.
  • Helps alleviate back pain and swollen foot of new moms, which are other discomforts experienced by them among the many issues.
  • These chairs are also ideal for toddlers and kids as they grow up for reading to them or having a bonding time.

I hope you will find a cozy place for these two items in your baby’s nursery to have a great experience.

Sources: Momhaul.com