When it comes to tanning, obviously, you do not want it to look like orange but bronze. An extra shine on your body with a dusky tinge is the requirement for all. There is a vast selection of products, which can be used to get the desired look and body tones. These are low in costs and helps in maintaining the color for a longer time. However, people often get confused about whether to go for tanning lotions or oils.


How to Use Tanning Oil/Creams and It’s Functions

Before you are trying to understand tanning oil items, the process of tan should be known. Along with the sunbath tanning, you can use the natural tanning products to get the perfect bronze tone.  It helps to provide a great complexion and prevents your skin from sun blockage. In fact, the outdoor tanning lotions are helpful for even tone maintenance of the body color.

Importance of Tanning

Once you apply the tanning sprays and oils, your body starts drawing the UV rays of the sun. The more UV rays settle down in your body, the melanin production increases. So, this helps your body to get a firm body tanning in every area smoothly.

Benefits of Tanning Oil/ Creams/ Lotions

Do you know tanning oils work faster than any other creams or solutions? To get the rapid action, you need to understand excess UV rays can also harm your skin. Therefore while selecting the tanning oils, go for the once which have SPF ranging between 10 to 15. Further, this will help you to get a subtle sun preventive coating while the tanning process is going on. So always, choose high protective sun covered tanning oils.

Another benefit of the tanning oil is the protection from sunburns or rashes. There are many users with sensitive skin. They should go for tanning oils or solutions that have the high absorbent capability of UVA/UVB rays.

However, there are creams, lotions, and sprays, which have an SPF range of 10, are also suitable for skin tanning. If you sweat a lot, then you can avoid cream and go for oils or lotions.


You can put the desired amount of the oil in your hands and spread it nicely. Do not rub harsh on your body. Massage it all over the body areas.  In case you are applying it on the face, be very careful around the eye area. To get speedy tanning, you can reapply this solution every 1 hour, especially if you tend to sweat more.

Other Ways to Get Tanned Body

Apart from applying lotions and creams, you can follow these simple tricks to get fast tanned body:

Put the Second Layering of Any Other Oil

Along with the tanning oil and creams, you can apply any other natural oil. Generally, this increases the tanning glow of the body. For instance, coconut or avocado and olive oil work best. These oils can be applied before the tanning solutions on the naked body.

Make Your Body Active

After you have put the tanning product on your body, do not sit in one place. Move frequently and, if required, do some minimum stretching exercises. This will allow your body to get proper sun rays all over, and tanning will be distributed equally. Again, no sweaty patches are formed if your body is in motion during tanning.

Float on Water

One of the best techniques to get tanned faster is timing. Go to the beaches at around 12-4 pm. It will work magnificently if you are swimming or floating on a rubber tube on the sea. Water helps in attracting the sunrays more. Naturally, your body will attract the UV rays required for the body tanning.   

Whenever you invest in indoor tanning lotions, read the ratio of the measurement before application. Often you may need to reapply these products to get the desired look in less time.